Terms of service

1. Introduction

Please read these Terms of Service carefully ("Terms of Service"). Click on the "Accept" button at the end of these Terms of Service below, or use ebang.co or any related web page ("website") or any content to recognize services ("services") through the website or alliance platform. You agree that these Terms of Service can be enforced like any written contract.

EBANG reserves the right to amend, add or delete the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service at any time in accordance with the procedures prescribed in Article 111. The "last update" date at the top of these terms will indicate the time of the latest change.

Continuing to use EBANG's services after these terms have been updated means that you agree to such modifications.

If you don't agree to all these terms of service, you must click the button that says you don't agree and stop using ebang's services.


2. Contact us

If you want to contact us or complain about any EBANG service, please click on one of the "Query" labels on any product. EBANG Company.


3. Privacy and data collection

Your privacy is very important to us. When using EBANG services, please read the privacy policy carefully to get more information about your privacy. Privacy policies can be found in ebang.co.


4. Codes of Conduct

You may not use this website or any other EBANG service in any improper or illegal way, or violate any laws or permissions applicable to you, such as:

  • Harass, threaten or direct the improper activities of any user of EBANG services or any employee, partner or contractor of EBANG and its affiliates. This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks or threats of physical violence, repeated "spam" or unwanted messages, discriminatory speech, internet bullying and tracking.
  • Transfer or disseminate any virus, Trojan horse, worm, bomb, damaged file and/or similar destructive equipment or damaged data within the service framework, and/or organize, participate in or in any way participate in attacks on EBANG servers and/or services and/or services of their service providers and partners
  • Create, use, share and/or publish any material (text, word, image, sound, video, etc.) that may constitute a breach of confidentiality obligations or incite illegal acts (especially infringement of intellectual property rights of others, piracy, hacking or spread counterfeit software) in any way within the framework of services (forum, public information or other means). 
  • Keep any links from other websites to services without prior written authorization from EBANG
  • Access, use, download from a service or copy or provide to anyone (free or as payment) any service user directory or any other relevant user or information about the use of the service
  • Impersonate others (including celebrities), mislead yourself as an EBANG employee or representative or any partner or affiliate of EBANG.
  • Upload files containing virus or damaged data.
  • Improper use of network support or complaint buttons or false reports to EBANG employees.
  • Spam or flooding (issuing duplicate text) or using any other method to disrupt traffic in forums or other services.
  • Reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly of all or any part of EBANG services


5. Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that all content and materials in EBANG services, including design, graphics, text, sound, pictures, software and all other documents (collectively referred to as "materials"), are EBANG's property and are subject to international copyright and other intellectual property laws and rights. You may not reproduce, distribute, reprint, create derivative works, disseminate, utilize, reuse or use any material in any form or manner unless otherwise specified in these articles. Obtain written authorization from EBANG in advance.

Trademarks, service trademarks, commodity names and trademarks (collectively referred to as "trademarks") are the only property of EBANG. Without explicit written authorization from EBANG, they may not be copied, imitated or used in whole or in part in other ways. EBANG will enforce its intellectual property rights within the full scope of the law.


6. Report illegal content

If you find anything that you think may violate these terms of service, we strongly recommend that you click on the "query" label on any of these products in EBANG and provide detailed information to our team.


7. The third party

From time to time, we may provide links to third-party websites in order to provide content for our services. These websites have not been approved, reviewed, checked or approved by us, and you are responsible for any obligations or costs incurred when you deal with third-party websites. You agree that EBANG is not responsible for the accuracy, content and legality of any data, information, suggestions or statements made on third-party websites. Links to third-party websites do not bear any association with these third-party websites. The risk of using these third-party websites lies with you.


8. Refunds and returns

For information about the return policy, please click on EBANG of "Query" label on any product. Our team will be able to provide you with further information according to the specific circumstances.


9. Limitation of liability

You acknowledge and agree that using EBANGs services requires you to take your own risks.

EBANG's services are available to you on the basis of "status" and "availability", without any express or implied guarantees, unless such guarantees are not excluded by law in such cases. To the maximum extent permitted by lawEBANG provides services on a commercially sound basis, without guaranteeing marketability or for specific purposes, or you can access or use EBANG services (or any part thereof) at any time or place you choose. The use of EBANG services, including but not limited to all communication functions provided by EBANG services, is at your own risk.

You will bear all the costs and risks associated with using the service. You will bear all risks associated with the loss of time and effort, data loss, errors or business information caused by the use of services.

In any case, EBANG may not be able to pay you any money because you cannot use all or part of the EBANG service.

EBANG reserves the right to terminate any or all of its services at any time without notice.

Certain jurisdictions do not allow disclaimers for certain types of damage or limit or exclude certain types of liability for damages. In such jurisdictions as apply to you, exclusion and liability are limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


10. Guarantees

In accordance with the requirements of EBANG, you agree to protect each EBANG affiliated company, supplier and content provider from all liabilities, claims and costs (including attorney's fees) arising from breaches of these Terms of Service or any other EBANG clauses for which you are liable.

 EBANG reserves the exclusive right to defend and control any matter you need to compensate. In this case, you are not obliged to provide compensation to EBANG on this matter.


11. Update Services and Terms

EBANG reserves the right to appropriately modify, update, add or delete the Terms of Service at any time, temporarily or permanently.

EBANG will notify you of any changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the applicable terms on the service website. Any changes, modifications, additions or deletions will take effect five (5) working days after the notification is issued. If you do not agree to the changes made to these Terms of Service, you may close your account in accordance with Article 18 of these Terms of Service. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep abreast of the changes in terms of service and to continue using EBANGs services, which mean that you accept the updated terms of service.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Terms of Service and agree to be bound by them.